Health Office


Medication(s) Taken in School – Orders & Administration

Per our policy, we cannot administer any medications without doctor’s orders.

  • Doctor’s orders (along with signatures from physician & parent/guardian) are needed for all medication administration/authorization during school hours. Medications include but are not limited to:
    • Inhalers – Asthma Action Plan
    • EpiPens – Anaphylaxis Action Plan
    • Daily Meds (ex: Adderall, Clonidine, etc.)
    • PRN Meds (ex: ibuprofen, Tylenol, atopic creams, etc.)


Some of the most common Communicable Infections:

  • Pink Eye
  • Strep
  • Influenza
  • Head Lice
  • Other (per MPS policy)

How we notify Hale families:

  • We will send out an email via School Messenger when there has been a confirmed case of any of the illnesses (to the left).
  • The emails are CLASSROOM specific. Not GRADE specific.
  • Other emails from Health Office staff may be sent out, depending on the level of severity of the illness.


Commonly Used Forms
Click on this link to download these commonly used forms:

  • Medication Consent Form
  • Annual Health Information Form
  • Immunization Documentation Form
  • Physical Exam Form

Help at home: 

•Proper inhaler usage is extremely important. Practice at home with your child or click the link below and watch this video with your child, so they can understand how to use it correctly.
•You can also ask your child’s physician to demonstrate proper usage.
•We encourage spacers/chambers for better delivery of the medication to the lungs.


Attendance Line: 612-668-3765   If your child will be absent:

•Please remember to call when your student(s) will be absent. When you call please state the reason for your student(s) being absent; ill, family emergency, vacation, etc.
•Note: we ask that each day they are absent, you call in. Even if it is for the same reason, in the same week.
•If you have preplanned vacation(s) for your student please fill out form for Excused Absences
•Any other in depth questions about attendance/truancy letters; please speak with our Social Worker, Julie Peterson, at ext. 8-3769


Immunizations Needed for School

To go to school in Minneapolis, students must prove that they are up to date with their immunizations or that they are exempt from the requirements for medical reasons or the beliefs of the parent/guardian.  Click on the link above for more details on what is required.