Homework is an important part of your child's learning.   Completing homework is a must for your child's achievement!  Provide a quiet place and a consistent time for your child to complete homework.  Checking over your child's homework is not cheating.  Please help them correct errors and make improvements.

     Students are assigned daily at-home reading for 20+ minutes per day (including weekends). Minutes should be written on the monthly calendar.

     IXL Math is assigned for 10 minutes per day.

     Writing and comprehension homework are given Monday, and due Friday.  Please score the writing with your child.  There is a scoring guide in the fourth grade homework handbook.  

      Daily Math Problem Solving Homework is given Monday-Thursday.

     Instructional Math Homework is given Monday- Thursday unless we have a test, quiz, or other extenuating circumstances.

     Unfinished class work is considered homework.

    All homework is due the next day unless otherwise specified.