We are off to a great start in music!  There are so many good singers at Hale and it is a joy even to hear their warm-ups.  In kindergarten we have started singing together, playing games and instruments and moving around the room to show what they hear.  First graders have been working on listening for the steady beat.  They have been marching, playing sticks and drums and moving in different ways to show what they hear.   Second graders have been getting pretty good at telling and showing the difference between the beat and the rhythm.  Third and fourth graders have been conductors!  They are figuring out how to tell what the meter of a song is, how to conduct it, how to play instrument patterns and how to make up movement patterns to match the music.  A bunch of awesome musicians!

After school choir will begin soon.  If you are interested in signing up for choir, now's your chance.  The choir will practice after school on Tuesdays and perform with the Minnesota Sinfonia when they visit Hale on November 29th. There will also be a short performance for families on December 6th, our last class day.

A couple of other things:

   *If you like to plan ahead, check out the schedule for spring programs on the program link of this website.  

   *If you play an instrument and would like to play for your child's class, please let me know and we can schedule a day/time.  It is a great opportunity for all of the students to hear a variety of instruments and to see them up close.

   *I often get requests for good private instrumental or vocal teachers.  If you know of a great teacher that might be looking for new students, please let me know and I will add them to my referral list.  Piano teachers are requested the most.

   *Please visit our classroom if you have a chance.  Parents are always welcome to stop in and see what we are up to.

I hope your child is feeling positive about their music class and looking forward to a great year.  Please contact me if you have questions or concerns.