Speech Pathologist
Sarah Cooper-Evans:  sarah.cooper@mpls.k12.mn.us



Erica Barnes, CCC-SLP

I believe that every child should have the opportunity to communicate as fully as possible.  My goal as a speech-language therapist is to remove as many barriers as possible so that every child can communicate his/her wants and needs.  

I have been helping people communicate in different vocations since 2001.  I taught English as a Second Language in Jeon-ju City, South Korea from 2001-2002 before enrolling in graduate studies at the University of Minnesota.  Following graduate school I practiced in the hospital system working with adults and children.  I join the Minneapolis Public School community in 2010.  

How humans aquire language (especially multiple languages) is fascinating to me.  I am married to a biligual French and English speaker (Philip grew up in Paris!) and have a nearly bilingual 6 year old.  When not teaching I enjoy cooking, traveling, and fundraising to find a cure for MLD in honor of my late daughter. 

If you have any questions or conerns about your child's speech or language development you can reach me at 612-668-3776.