Staff Directory

A website is available for each staff member listed in bold letters.  Click on the staff member's name to view their website.  Click on the e-mail address to send an e-mail.  E-mail addresses are meant to be used as a tool of communication between parents and their classroom teacher regarding their child.  Please send a note via your child in the morning if there is a change of schedule for the end of the day since teachers may not have an opportunity to check e-mails until after the school day. 

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Aanerud, Emily

Resource Intervention Specialist 
Abe, Lynn

Alman, Kristi

2nd Grade 
Attendance/Health Office  (612) 668-3765
Barnes, Erica

Speech Language Pathologist 
Benson. Leslie

Autism Teacher 
Bliss, Josh

3rd Grade 
Breffe, Patty

3rd Grade 
Bruun, Ashley

Phy Ed Specialist 
Caldwell, Maura

Engagement Specialist 
Campbell, Kimberly

Autism SEA 
Community Education 668-3767
Cowan, Sarah

School Nurse 
Croonquist, Cara

4th Grade 
Dahlheimer, Damon

4th Grade 
Davis, Venke

4th Grade 
Ditter, Kate

EL Teacher 
Elfering, Dana

Engineers   (612) 668-3766
Finstad, Ann

Fitzgerald, Ryan

Principal 668-3761
Freeman, Janine

School Secretary 668-3762
Gauthier, Helene

Community Ed Coordinator 668-3767
Green, Rachel

Academic Support 
Holm, Laurie

4th Grade 
Jacobs, Nicki

Mpls Kids Site Coordinator 668-3777
Johnson, Kristie

Autism SEA 
Johnson, Sheilagh

Librarian 668-3768
Lo, Chasu

3rd Grade 
Lombardo, Nancy

Lunchroom Manager 668-3774
Louck, Marion

3rd Grade 
Media Center  (612) 668-3768
Mehlhorn, Cindy

1st Grade 
Minneapolis Kids 668-3777
Nicholson, Becky

1st Grade 
Olson, Julie

O'Neill, Kathleen

Associate Educator 
Parr, Larissa

Phy Ed Specialist 
Peterson, Julie

School Social Worker 668-3769
Regan, Patti

Music Specialist 
Reiner, Linda

Special Education Teacher 
Rice, Mary

1st Grade 
Rybarczyk, Guy

2nd Grade 
Sexe, Kristina

Literacy Specialist/Instructional Specialist 
Shepherd, Jenna

Associate Educator 
Smith, Jennifer

Tapia, Evelyn

4th Grade 
Tharaldson, Katy

Art Specialist 
Trout, Wendy

Tech Assistant 
Uhler, Steve

Admin TOSA 668-3771
William, Jayne

1st Grade 
Wisniewski, Teresa