JamStudio.com       Visitors to this Web site can compose, play, record and download original songs using a "virtual band" and a library of more than 100,000 sounds at no charge. 

kids for saving earth       Environmental activities and songs.

National Institute of Health music web site       A site for researching songs as well as testing your ability to guess song names from different categories. 

Beat Baseball: Test your knowledge of rhythmic note values

Classics for Kids has a wealth of information on classical composers and their music. They also have podcasts for download. 

Arts Alive, Canada, has a great website with games about music and musical games. Check it out!

Online book about the orchestra and orchestral instrument sounds. This book will be read out loud by the computer along with musical examples.

 Phil Tulga's website has many fun games. Check out the fraction tubes and compose your own melody.

The unifix drum machine allows you to create polyrhythmic music (music in many parts with multiple rhythms).

 The Dallas Symphony Orchestra has great online activities including lots of games.

Other orchestras with fun online games are the San Francisco OrchestraNew York Philharmonic and the Nashville Symphonic.

 The American Symphony Orchestra League also has a children's website.

Although our own Minnesota Orchestra doesn't have a "kids" section, you can follow the orchestra on tour and learn about their musicians. You can also find out about great concerts for families.

Carnegie Hall has an online resource center that has games and listening guides.