Weekly News from 216

 Monday Aug. 28  We had an excellent first day.  We played a name game and practiced each others names.  We heard the story First Day Jitters.  Ask me.  We also used math manipulatives and talked about good math work habits.  At the end of the day we worked on a folder called our CAMP folder where we will keep any unfinished work.

Tue. Aug. 29 In the morning we played some fun name games and also heard a story about a girl and her mom who traveled around the world over the summmer.  We shared some of the places that we have been.  In math we talked about what good math wor looks and sounds like.  We also woked on a self portrait of ourselves at the beginning of second grade for a time capsule.  

Wed. Aug. 30  In reading we head a funnny story about a rabbit with BIG ears who does not listen very well.  Now he does though and we talked about using our eyes, ears, and heaart to be good listeners.  In math we looked at a couple of story problems and showed what we know from first grade.  At the end of the day we decorated a birthday bag as a place to put birthday cards from our classmates when it is our birthday.

Thur. Aug. 31  In math we talked about being a good math partner and how we can all be good mathmeticians.  We also played a fun doubles game called BUMP.  In reading we talked about what it looks like, sounds like and feels like to read to self and build reading stamina.  We also heard the story of the Recess Queen.  We talked about what makes recess fun for everyone.  In the afternoon we wrote and illustrated our ideas for a class book.

Fri. Sept. 1  In reading we built reading stamina and modeled it for classmates.  We also played a community game where we met people who...love books, been to the seashore, like soccer etc.  In math we finished work on sharing what we know from first grade and played BUMP.  At the end of the day we saw a fun video from the Minions about school rules.  Ask me.

Tues. Sept. 5  We shared something that we did over the weekend in order to get to know each other better.  We also wrote predictions in our readers response notebooks that predicted a story.  We then heard a story called Hunter's Best Friend at School.  It was about Hunter who did not make the best decisions when following his friends lead.  In math we play a game where we practiced doubles and used a math notebook to record all of our combinations to ten.  At the end of the day we talked about what scientists do.  Ask me.

Wed. Sept. 6  Today we heard a story about being a bucket filler and bucket dipper.  Ask me.   We also worked with equations that make ten.  We wrote a class book that talked about ways that we can be a bucket filler and not a bucket dipper.

Thur. Sept. 7  In reading we heard a great story called I Like Me about a very funny girl who is very comfortable as herself in so many ways.  In math we worked with making tens and played a new game.  We also worked with number strings.  At the end of the day we decorated a paper cutout of ourselves for when we are the Ranger (class Pres.) of the week.

Fri. Sept. 8  We finished a great week and worked on building reading stamina.  We have been reading one:one with Mr. R to show our fluency and conprehension skills. In math we finished oour work with combinations of ten and even combinations of any number to 100.  In the afternoon we finished a lot of work taht we started.

Mon. Sept 11  We began our week by hearing a story about a boy who had a tattle tongue.  He learned that there is a difference between tattling and reporting something more important.  Ask me the difference.  In math we began a story problem in our math journal and focused on the number line strategy.  In the afternoon we sorted examples of tattling and reporting a problem to an adult.  We also began to read about Solids and Liquids for our first science unit.

Tue. Sept. 12  In reading we heard part of a book about Hurricanes.  We then wrote facts about Hurricanes from the book in our readers response journal.  In math we did two kids of math problems and practiced working independently.  At the end of the day we worked on a Now page for a class scrapbook to go along with our Then and Now book.

Wed. Sept. 13  IN reading we heard the second part of a book about hurricanes and wrote facts about the book that we heard.  We also talked about using book bins for our books. In math we practiced some story problems and also solved a problem where we determined the number of legs in our class.  Ask me how I solved it.  At the end of the day we talked about scientists.  We drew a picture of a scientists and also ourselves as a scientist.

Thurs. Sept 14  In reading we heard parts of three different stories and talked about how we could respond to them in a reading response journal in order to help our comprehension.  In math we played math games and practiced smooth transitions.  We also added using a ten frame.  In the afternoon we looked at the three forms of matter: solids, liquids, and gases.

Fri. Sept. 15  We had a great week and worked so hard.  In reading we heard a story about Clark the Shark and talked about ways we could respond to this story (ex. times I have made new friends) In math we practiced decomposing numbers in adding.  We can think if 7+5 as 10 + 2 and make the 7 a 10.  In the afternoon we read our first Weekly Reader and learned about three types of communities.  Ask me.  Thanks to Marlowe for being such a wonderful Ranger.

Mon. Sept. 18 Today we talked about the different emotions found in the different zones of regulation.  We heard the story Salt in His Shoes and talked about hopes and dreams.  Ask me about the story.  In math we looked at a repeating pattern of 3 (counting by 3).  In the afternoon we wrote our Hopes and Dreams for Second grade and then decorated a dreamcatcher.

Tue. Sept. 19  In reading we finished our dream catchers.  We worked on a problem in math where we counted the number of fingers in our entire classroom and showed some of our thinking.  We also began our solids and liquids unit by talking about the three types of matter. Solids, liquids, and gases.

Wed. Sept. 20 In reading we discussed how we can take care of books (using a bookmark, being careful with food and water etc)  we heard the story Chrysanthemum and talked about our wilt and bloom moments. In math we solved a story problem and continued practicing the number line strategy and using bars to represent our thinking.  In science we used Cheerios to represent the molecules found in the three forms of matter.

Thur. Sept. 21  In reading we wrote examples of when we wilt and bloom and why.  then we revised, edited, illustrated, and published.  In math we practiced counting by 2s all the way to 12s.  In the afternoon we wrote examples of solids all around us.

Friday Sept. We heard an amazing story called Mr. Peabody's Apples about a boy who tells a half truth and then needs to find a way to unsay these things.  In math we practiced an ABCD pattern ( counting by 4s).  In the afternoon we finished some of our writing from the week and read a Weekly Reader called Two Wild Friends.

Mon.  Sept 25  In reading we talked again about taking care of books and heard a story called I Took My Frog to the Library we then wrote examples of our own where we took an animal to the library and what happened.  In math we practiced number strings equations.  In science we looked at 7 different solids and discussed words that describe them.  These are called properties. 

Tues. Sept. 26 We heard a fun story about the best books to read and helped get excited about reading.  We worked with a story problem and also practiced some more number strings.  In science we discussed common properties of solids.   We worked on editing and publishing some of our writing. 

Wed. Sept. 27  We heard a fun story about a monster who came to school and did not follow any of the rules.  We talked about ways that the monster could follow Hale rules and we started a class book to show what our monster might do to be successful.  In math we worked with combinations of 10 and 20.  We also learned strategies to solve a story problem with an unknown change. (ie 13 + X = 25).  We also recorded materials used to make solids and also what properties we can use to describe a particular solid.

Thur Sept. 28  In reading we worked on our monster stories and practiced reading stamina to 20 minutes.  In math we practiced more number strings so that we are adding combinations of 10 and doubles in order to add longer equations.  In science we looked at properties that solids may share.  What's my rule where we may see two solids and know that they both are flexible or rigid.

Sept. 29 In reading we heard a wonderful story about a boy who is able to let some of his troubles go away.  He sees problems as opportunities.  We also talked about our schools new Hale Bear pledge and that a Hale Bear is Brave meaning they try something new, ask for help, admit when we make mistakes, stand up for someone.  In math we worked with some equations to 10 and 20.  In the afternoon we read a Weekly Reader about what it means to be a good citizen.

Monday Oct. 2 In reading we talked about Why do we need goverment and wht types of things that they do.  We also practiced asking questions before, during, and after reading a text.  In math we practiced writing an answer sentence to a story problem.  In science we labeled various things as solids, liquids, and gases and why.

Tue. Oct 3  Today in reading we read an informational text about Smoke Jumpers.  We used context clues to understand new vocabulary.  In math we worked with answer sentences which are harder to write than they seem.  In the afternoon we wrote about our favorite part of Ragweed and why.  

Wed. Oct. 4  We celebrated Eleanor's birthday and read a story and poem about Betsy Ross.  We practiced asking questions before, during, and after reading in order to help our comprehension.  In math we logged into dreambox and also worked with groups of ten and one.  In science we looked at 7 different types of liquids and made a word bank of their properties.

Thur. Oct. 4  We  partner read our story about Betsy Ross and practiced noting the characters, setting, problem, and solution. In math we practiced writing answer sentences to  questions.  We also looked at a story problem with an unknown change.  In science we looked at properties of liquids.  We learned about transparent, translucent, viscous, and more.

Fri. Oct. 5 Today we compared two stories and looked at similarities and differences.  We had some great ideas.  In math we finished some work with number strings and in the afternoon we read a Weekly Reader about David Shannon who is a childrens' book author.  We learned about how much he has to keep trying and revising his work to get it just right.

Mon. Oct. 9  In reading we read a short article about what a police officer does.  We practiced asking questions before, during, and after we read a text.  In math we made a tower of ten and then wrote equations that represent that tower.  In science we looked at liquid levels.  We learned that a liquid always goes to the bottom of the container and is a level surface.  Tomorrow we discuss if toothpaste is a solid or a liquid.

Tues. Oct. 10 In reading we read an article about Max a police dog and about how he too was a sott of government worker.  In math we looked at a group of 15 cubes to look at the various ways to write the equation with many addends.  In science we looked at toothpaste and whether it is a solid or liquid.  We then added it to water to look at the results overnight.

Wed. Oct. 11  In reading we studied author's purpose and why an author is writing a story.  In our article the author was informing us about something.  In math we practiced a story problem with an unknown change.  We also woked with mystery 100 grid puzzles and identified the missing numbers by adding and subtracting 10s and 1s.  In the afternoon we heard a funny story about an animal from around the world and what animal they are and what they sell.  A My name is Alice and I come from Arkansas and I sell apples.  The students wrote their own versions.  They were so funny.