Weekly News from 216

 Monday August 29, 2016  We had an excellent first day of the 2016-17 school year.  I can tell already that this is going to be a great group of students.  I am so lucky.  We learned about jitters and how we all feel them on the first day.  We play a number of games to get to know each other.  We did a number talk as part of our math routine.  We heard chapter one of Ragweed with Room 212,  

Tuesday 8/30  Great day 2.  We practiced a number talk and recorded info about the number 32 in our Unit 1 workbook.  We also impressed Mr. R with our equations.  In reading we heard a story about The Recess Queen.  We are now writing a class book called Recess is fun when we....... (ie share, take turns, think safety etc.)  In the afternoon we heard another story about a new kid in school.  Tomorrow we interview a classmate so we get to know them better.  We will also share what we learned from them.

Wednesday 8/31  Super group of learners.  We heard a funny story not only about listening but paying attention.  Ask me.  We worked with our own "just right numbers".  We did really great.  We talked about the five rules in 216 and what expectations are on the rug.  

Th. Sept. 1  We learned about what it really means to read to self.  Ask me what getting started right away means.  In math we worked on more just right numbers and represented a number in many ways.  

Fri. Sept. 2  We worked with number patterns and filled in a mystery grid.  In reading we practiced reading stamina.  We also wrote about our family.  In the afternoon we took poctures in the Peace Garden for our Then and Now class book.

Tue. Sept. 6  We worked on showing what we know about numbers and story problems.  We did great.  In science we drew a picture of a scientist.  We discussed what they do and then learned about many diverse scientists (not just old white men).  Then we drew a picture of ourselves and what we will do as second grade scientists.  In the afternoon we worked on our Now pages for our class book and talked about what all good readers do.  Ask me for an example.

Wed. Sept. 7  We practiced using math strategies in show what we know in math.  We will focus on these all year.  In reading we talked about what all good readers do like read a lot, read every day, use pictures, make mind movies. Then we also talked about taking care of books like using book marks, keeping food and liquids safely away.  Protecting books from pets.  In science we learned about the three forms of matter.  Ask me.

Thur. Sept. 8  We worked with number strings in math and story problem strategies.  We heard a funny story using alliteration.  We wrote stories that went A my name is____ and I come from _____ and I sell _____.  Ask me.  In science we worked with the properties of solids....hard, soft, flexible, rigid.

Fri. Sept. 9  We had a great week.  We worked with a new way of doing a story problem called the bar model stroy problems.  Ask me.  We also worked on showing strategies for or thinking.  In science we sorted different types of matter.  We discussed weather ice was a solid or liquid and why.  In the afternoon we looked at our first Weekly Reader about three types of communities country, suburban, and urban.

         Picture day is Monday Spetember 19.

Monday Sept. 12  We worked with a math problem where we counted the number of legs in the room and explained how we did this and showed our thinking.  We heard a story about a boy named Michael who used salt in his shows to reach his goals.  We made a list of our goals for second grade.  In science we represented molecules in solids, liquids, and gases with Cheerios.

Tuesday Sept. 13 Today we worked with number patterns.  Counting by 2 from any number not just 2-4-6.  We heard a story about not all being the same called The Big Orange Splot.  Ask me.  We also worked on writing our Hopes and Dreams for second grade.

Wed. Sept. 14 We talked about feelings and the four zones that they may be found in during our morning meeting.  When we are tired or hungry we might be in the blue zone.  We always want to be in the green zone ready to learn and work. So, we talked about tools to help us get back to the green zone like breathing and cross crawl hug to make us fell better.  In math we worked with counting by 10s from any number.  We make a matter booklet in science.

Thursday Sept. 15  We worked with a pattern in math of counting by 4s.  We learned a math game called add or subtract 12 where we practice adding or subtracting from a number.  In reading we heard a story called Something Special.  Ask me.  In science we looked at properties of solids and what solids work in building a tower.  We finished our Hopes and Dreams and they look great.

Friday 9/16,  Great students and a great week.  Students came home with their first homework.  This will be due next Thursday.  We heard a wonderful story of friendship thanks to the Hale Book Fair called Boy+Bot.  Ask me.  We worked with number patterns of 5 and 10.  We also read a Weekly Reader about Kevin Henkes and his writing habits.

Mon. Sept. 19  We worked with number patterns and repeatiing numbers in math.  In science we looked at different liquids and described their properties.  We heard a story about the power of your words called Mr. Peabody's Apples.  ASK ME.  In writing we worked on beginning of the year autobiographies. 

Tues. Sept. 20  We had a great day.  We worked with a story problem and all of the pieces to solving them.  We learned new vocabulary for properties of liquids like viscous, transparent, translucent, bubbly, and foamy.  We got our new book bins to store our read to self books.  We had a superific day!

Wed. Sept. 21  We took our MAP reading test and did so well.  We worked really hard.  We also worked with solving number strings.  We used strategies like looking for doubles, or combinations of 10 or 5.  In reading we heard the story of Goldisocks and the three Libearianians.  It was sooooo funny.   We also discovered that liquid always takes the shape of the container.

Thur/ Sept. 22 We practiced math rotations in our math workshop model.  In reading we heard a funny story about a boy and his summer memory.  Ask me.  We looked at what happens to liquid levels in a container as the bottle is tipped.  At the end of the day we went to Art in the BRAND NEW ART ROOM!

Fri. Sept. 23  We worked with equations to 10 and 20 and wrote as many as we could think of.  In science we looked at some examples of liquids that are viscous, transparent, and bubbly.  In reading we looked at reasons to pick a book and if it is a good fit for us.  We read a Weekly Reader about two unusual friends,  Ask me.  

Monday 9/26  What a great start to the week.  We palyed a math game called Add 20 or Add 70 to any single digit number.  We looked at how a liquid and a solid are alike and different.  In the afternoon we built reading stamina and polished our Summer Memory stories.

Wed. Sept. 27  We took our math MAP test and worked so hard and did so very well.  We wrote a short recommendation for a book.  We heard a great story about picking a book for the right purpose.  What a great class and a great day.

Wed Sept. 28  Today we honored second graders in our first monthly Happy Camper citizenship awards.  Today we honored Taden and Lydia for all of their hard work and commitment to their learning and our class.  Congrats Lydia and Taden .  We also practiced working with a story problem and in reading we looked at sorting examples of fiction and non-fiction texts.  In science we discussed and watched changes in matter (ice from solid, to liquid, to a gas, and back to a liquid through condensation.)

Thur. Sept. 29  We worked with a bar model story problem and are getting really good at them.  Ask me how they work.  We took 9 different solids and put them in water in a plastic bag.  Tomorrow we will observe how the solid has changed.  In reading we heard a story about shoes that tied into a book that is just right for us.  We also talked about using decoding strategies when we encounter unfamiliar words.

Fri Sept. 30  We had a great week.  We worked with a story problem in math.  In science we looked at the solid in liquid after the first day.  We made observations and set them aside unitl Monday to observe after the water evaporates.  In reading we practiced writing a response in our journals.

Mon. Oct 3.  In math we practiced a new kind of story problem where there is something added to a quantity and we calculate what that change was.  In science we looked at the solids in liquid and noticed changes in color, texture, and size.  In reading we worked with resonse journals and followed a quality writing rubric.

Tue. Oct 4.  In math we looked at more of these algebra story problems and used the bar model to solve.  In science  we observed the changes from overnight.  

Wed. Oct. 5  Mr. R was at an Engineering in Elementary workshop learning how to help his scientists design and develop wind mills.  Room 216 was amazing for the Reserve Teacher.  We heard a story about taking your aligator to the library ( do not try at Hale)  and then wrote funny stories about bringing an animal to the media center and what would happen.

Thur.  Oct. 6  We practiced a story problem (our third kind) that involves seperating or subtracting.  We are becoming wonderful mathematicians.  In science we looked at the toothpaste in water and discovered that it is a solid and a liquid.  In writin we wrote some things that are very imortant to us in a heart map.  Ask me.

Fri Oct. 7  We worked with various groups of ten and all of the combinations we could build ( 5+4+1....4+4+2.... 3+3+3+1 and so on)  We read a Weekly Reader about leaf critters and practiced main idea from an article.

Mon. Oct 10  We worked with numbers and how many tens and ones are in in and also how many 2s, 5s, amd 10s it has and how many are left.  In reading we learned what a fable is.  Ask me.  We heard a fable about a fox and the stork and discussed the moral of the story.  

Tues. Oct 11  In math today we looked at a story problems where we add an unknown amout to arrive at a sum.  In reading we are reading and discussing fables.  Ask me what a fable includes.  In social studies we looked at rights and responsibilities and what the difference is.  We worked on our heart maps and hope to have them ready to see at conferences.

Wed. Oct 12  In math we practiced decomposing numbers and adding a missing number to an equation.  In reading we discussed how a character feels when reading dialogue.  In social studies we wrote and illustrated an example of a right and responsibility.  Ask me.

Th. Oct 13  In math we looked at how many ways we can make the number 46 using only combinations of 10s and ones.  Ask me how many ways there are and why. In reading we looked at dialogue and wrote about what characters were feeling.  In writing we are working on our heart maps.  Ask me about mine.

Fri. Oct. 14  We had a great end of our week.  We played math games and practiced making the largest 3 digit number we can.  In reading we read a Weekly Reader about firefighters suits of the future.   We also wrote our own report cards and reflected on how we think that we are doing.  Mr. R will share these at conferences.

Mon. Oct 17  Today we practiced number strings and looked at ways to decompose numbers so as to make adding a string of numbers more easy.  In reading we read a fable called The Owl and the Cricket and practiced lookin for verbs and adverbs.  We worked on our heart maps and are getting them ready to use as a writing prompt tool.

Tues. Oct. 18  What a great day from a great group of scholars.  Today we worked with missing numbers on a hundreds grid.  We know that when we go down we add 10 or subtract as we go up.  This helps us be more fluid and flexible with numbers.  In reading  we read a Weekly Reader about bats and how they can help people.  Aske me how.  In social studies we talked about what makes a rule or situation fair or unfair. At the end of the day we cleaned our desks for the long weekend.

Mon. Oct. 24  We had a great first day back.  We worked with showing what we know about unit 1 in math.  We heard a story called Owl Moon and discussed vocabulary.  We learned a bit about how a law is made.  Sounds easy.

Tue. Oct. 25  We practiced a few story problems to show what we know in unit 1.  In social studies we heard the story Grace for President who runs for class president and wins the electoral vote.  Ask me.   She hopes to be the President of the US some day.  In reading we finished Owl Moon and practiced writing questions before, during, and now after reading or hearing a book.  We have a wonderful new student to our class.

Wed. Oct 26  We had a great day.  We honored 2 of our classmates with a Happy Camper Award.  We also practiced reading aloud for fluency and put the events from the story Owl Moon in order.  We also drew a picture from a mental image from the author by listening to the vivid description.  We had a great day.

Thur. Oct. 27  We had a great day.  We talked in our morning meeting about what it means to be nervous and how that is ok and what we do to feel better.  In reading we looked for descriptive words in the text and also wrote a summary of the story.  In social studies we talked and wrote about voting and how you can vote in different situations.  

Fri. Oct. 28  Today we worked with an algebra story problem.  We are getting pretty good at them.  In social studies we read a Weekly Reader about voting and what it means to be a good citizen and vote.  In the afternoon we had an "Owl party" and decorated an owl for a snack.  We ate Mr. Ocax!!!  We had a great week.  

Reminder field trip on Tuesday Nov. 1

Mon. Oct. 31  We had a great Monday.  We looked at place value and review a digit and what it is worth.  We leaned what the constitution is and how it came to be.  In the afternoon we practiced drawing conclusions from the story Owl Moon. ( how do we know it was night, how do we know this was her first time owling)

Tuesday is our first field trip!!!

Tues. Nov. 1  We had a great field trip and learned so much.  We were able to see peregrin falcons, a barn owl. and an eagle named Othello.  We got to touch a part of an owls talons.  We learned the three characteristices that make a bird a raptor.  Ask me.  Before Music we heard various owl calls from various species.

Wed. Nov. 2  Today we worked on number strings and balanced equations.  Ask me about a balanced equation.  In science we disected owl pellets and discovered a lot of bones that the owl could not digest.  We also wrote about our field trip experience from Tuesday.

Mon. Nov. 7  We had a great first day of our second quarter.  We looked at place value in unit 2 math.  We also talked about the size of a problem in our morning meeting and how different problems should have a different response.  In reading we practiced writing questions before and while we read.

Tues. Nov. 8  We held our own mock election and learned the importance of voting and doing your duty as a citizen.  The vote among 2 classes was 57 Clinton 10 Trump.  We also practiced writitng predictions and asking questions as readers.  We learned that this helps us comprehend better.  In social studies we also talked about personal goals and steps  to reach those goals.

Wed. Nov. 9  We practiced composing and decpmposing numbers.  752= 700+50+2.  In reading we wrote a summary of a story that we heard.  In social studies we looked at goals and trade offs to making choices.  

Thur. Nov. 10 We practiced working with story problems with an unknown change.  In reading we heard a story called Dear Mr. Blueberry (ask me) and we worked on asking questions while we read in order to deepen our comprehension.  In social studies we talked more about trade offs and then wrote about our favorite part of Poppy.  

Fri. Nov. 11  We worked with making tens and another story problem.  In reading we discussed the character from Dear Mr. Blueberry and her character traits.  In social studies we read a Weekly Reader about the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag people.  We practiced looking for the main idea of a section of an article.

Mon. Nov. 14  We had an amazing day of discovery and focus.  We looked at 4 different story problems and showed how we would solve.  In reading we heard a story about a girl named Sarah from Plimouth Plantation from 1627.  We will compare her life with a boy named Samuel and a Native boy named Tapenum.  In science we discovered balance and using counter weight to achieve a stable position.  Ask me about my crayfish.

Tues. Nov. 15  We had another perfect day.  We practiced a story problem where we subtracted with an unknown change (algebra).  In reading we heard the rest of the story of Sarah and practiced some vocabulary.  Ask me what a poppet is???   In science we predicted and then tested various stable positions with cutouts at the end of a popsicle stick.  Ask me what they all needed to create a stable/balanced position.

Wed. Nov. 16  We held a practice evacuation drill to OLP and did an amazing job.  In math we played a game called roll 3 digits and practiced building 3 digit numbers.  In reading we heard a story about a Pilgrim boy from 1627 and compared his day with that of his friend Sarah.  In science we balanced a pencil on it's tip on the end of a popsicle stick.  Ask me how. 

Monday Nov. 28  We returned from our break ready to discover.  We worked with story problems that use base ten blocks as a strategy. In reading we heard part of a story about a man wjo walked between the twin towers. Ask me.  In science we made tops and learned about rotational movement.

Tues. Nov. 29  We heard a wonderful Orchestra concert all about water from the Minnesota Sinfonia.  We heard the rest of the story of The Man Who Walked Between he Towers and studied author's purpose.  In science we made zoomers and found another form of rotational motion.

Wed. Nov. 30  Today we practiced 2digit number string equations.  We look for combinations to a new ten to solve longer equations more accurately.  In science we learned about spinning motion with twirly wings and twirly birds.  We had to design the wings to make them fly best.  Best of all we honored 3 outstanding students for our November Happy Camper Awards.

Thur Dec 1  We worked  in math on a story problem where we subtracted and did so with an unknown change.  More algebra.  In reading we looked at the story of The Man Who Walked Between the Towers and looked at character traits.  In science we wrote and discused how the flight systems were alike and different.

Friday Dec. 2  We went to an all school assembly and learned through a funny skit the different zones of our emotions.  Green, blue, yellow, red zones.  They are natural for everyone.  Ask me.  In reading we looked at a Weekly Reader about beavers and what wonderful builders they are.  They see a problem and design a solution to the problem.  

Monday Dec. 5  In math we looked at adding and subtracting multiples of ten to any number.  Second graders should be fluent with these equations before 3rd grade.  In reading good readers ask questions before, during, and after reading a text for better conprehension.  In science we designed different rolling systems with wheels and an axel.  

Tues. Dec. 6  We read the story Hershel and the Hannukkah Goblins with a partner.  We then looked at elements of the story beginning, middle, and end.  In science we discovered how a wheel system with two different size wheels will not roll in a straight line.  Ask me why. 

Wed. Dec 7  In math we practiced a story problem where we subtracted but with an unknown change.  We are starting to get this better and better.  In reading we practiced  making inferences.  We discovered that the goblins in our story hated Hanukkah because they were jealous and felt left out.  In science we practiced more wheel systems.  We learned that a "car" (cup) will roll in the direction of the smaller wheel.

Thur. Dec 8  In math we worked with number string equations that add to 100.  In reading we heard the story The Magic Dreidel.  Ask me.  We then compared the two Hanukkah stories.  In science we experimented with another type of wheel system.  A sphere.  Ask me how a wheel and sphere roll differently.

Fri. Dec. 9  In math we practiced counting coins and determining the difference to 1.00 ( an early way to look at making change).  In reading we heard the story The Chanukkah Guest.  We also read a Weekly Reader about a boy who makes a budget to buy gifts for his pet.  Ask me what a budget is.  

Mon. Dec. 12  We had a great trip to see The Magic Dreidel.  At school we talked about some of the differences in the play and book.  In the afternoon we wrote about our favorite parts and why.

Tue. Dec. 13  We worked with a coordinate graph picture during math in order to learn a little bit about what Kwanzaa is about.  In reading we looked at a story and discussed similarities and differences with it and the play The Magic Dreidel.  In writing we worked on a special project for the holidays.

Wed. Dec. 14  We worked with a new type of story problem where we compared two quantities and compared the difference.  In reading we heard the story of Simon and the Bear and compared it to other tales.  Text to text connection.  In writing we worked on a special surprise for our families.

Thur.  Dec. 15  We worked with place value and a mystery 100 grid.  In reading we heard the story of Brave Irene and wrote about the elements of the story (characters, setting, problem, solution)  In writing we worked on a small projects for our families.

Fri. Dec. 16  We had a fun pajama day.  In math we worked with place value.  In reading we heard a story called Osbert about a boy and his new friend.  In the afternoon we watched a movie called The Snowman.  At the end we cleaned our room for the new year,  When we return we will take a reading test on the computer on Wednesday Jan. 4.  We are more than ready.

Tue. Jan. 3  We had a great first day back.  We worked with one of our trickier story problems but we really did well.  In reading we made mind sketches and learned new vocabulary.  Ask me about the story The Snowglobe Family.  In science we begin planning winter theme mobiles.  

 Wed. Jan. 4 This morning we took our MAP reading test.  We were focued and did an amaing job.  In the afternoon we read The Snowglobe Family with a partner and practiced comparing and contrasting the two families in the story.  We also worked on our science mobiles. 

Thur. Jan. 5 We worked with data from a chart in math.  We looked at how much more something is.  In reading we practiced cause and effect with The Snowglobe Family.  In science we are ready to assemble mobiles to achieve a balanced position.

Fri. Jan. 6 We had an amazing Friday.  The scholars in 216 worked on comprehension questions in a scoot.  Ask me what a scoot is in school (we move around the room to read and answer questions).  In science we finished decorating and will assemble our winter mobiles on Monday.  

Mon. Jan. 9 Today we worked with a math game that looked at balanced equations(9+6=9+4+2)  We practiced the idea that the = sign means "same as".  In reading we learned new vocabulary that we tend to identify with Dr. Martin Luter King.  In science we put our mobiles together in a balanced position.

Tues. Jan. 10  We took our math test and did really well.  In reading we heard the story Martin's Big Words and talked about his quotes.  In science we reviewed what all scientists do...  think safety, observe carefully, record accurately.  We began our Air and Weather unit.

Wed. Jan. 11  In math we practiced story problem strategies including decomposing numbers to add (34 + 16 = ....30+10=40 and 4+6=10 so 40 +10 = 50)  in reading we read an article and learned and infered meaning from the article about Dr. King.  In science we discovered that air is all around us.  Ask me how I know that.

Thur. Jan. 12  In math we looked at data on a table and answered questions like how much longer.  We also practiced a story problem where we looked at an unknown change.  A type of algebra problem.  In writing we wrote words that describe peace (looks like, sounds like etc)  In science we worked with vocabulary about air.

Fri. Jan. 13  We had a great day.  We did a math activity called Watch, Think, Color....ask me.  In reading we read a Weekly Reader about Dr. Martin Luther King.  We learned about primary sources for information.  We also finished flip books and wrote interesting facts and what we think Dr. King would tink about our world today.

Tues. Jan. 17  We had a great first day back.  In math we used exoanded notation to seperate tens and ones so that we could add and subtract numbers.  (29-5.... 20 + 9 - 5=  20+4 or 24)  In reading we played a vocabulary game where students had the vocabulary word and listened for the meaning.  In science we built and tested parachutes.  We discovered that the parachute pushes out the air.   Ask me what that is called....air resistance.

Wed. Jan. 18 We used composing numbers to add and subtract two digit numbers.  This will help us to borrow and carry using the traditional algorithm that our parents are used to.  We viewed two pieces of art with Mr. Briggs for Art Adventure.  In reading we practiced writing a question as we read a story about Snowflake Bentley. 

Thur. Jan. 19  We worked with expanded notation and solving story porblems.  In reading we lookes at sentences from Snowflake Bentley and identified fact from opinion.  In science we wrote about our exoeriment with our parachutes and identified air resistance. 

Fri. Jan. 20  We practiced composing numbers  ( 45+7 .... 45+5= 50 then 50+2 = 52)  to solve math equations during a "penguin scoot".  Ask me.  In reading we read a Weekly Reader about the inaguration and the role of the President.  We then looked at non-fiction text features like heading and bold text.  We also cleaned our desks.

Mon. Jan. 23  We worked with adding numbers and regrouping the tens and ones.  In reading we looked at story elements like characters, setting, problem, and solution. In science we used  syringes and plungers to see that air takes up space and can be compressed.

Tue. Jan. 24  We practiced telling time to the hour, half hour, and quarter hour.  In reading we looked at character traits and used evidence from the text.  We talked about an emotion this week which was mean.  We talked about how you can say you are sorry but sometimes that is like trying to put the toothpaste back in the tube.  It isn't always so easy.  In science we read a wind chill chart to understand how wind can effect temperature.

Wed. Jan. 25 We had a great day.  We practiced working with elapsed time in math and on two story problems.  In reading we answered questions about A Weekend With Wendell and talked about what mean things can do to a persons feelings or heart.  In the afternoon we learned about two pieces of art.  One is an unusual pillow.  Ask me why it is so different.

Thur.  Jan. 26  We worked at showing a little about what we may know about our next math unit.  Mr. R will plan lessons accordingly.  In reading we read a Weekly Reader about The Lunar New Year.  Ask me what this year is.  The best part of our day is when we honored three of our classmates in a Hppy Camper celebration for January.  

Wed. Feb. 1  We practiced some work with place value and started a little rounding.  In our writing we looked at bucket fillers and bucket dippers and wrote examples of each.  Ask me the difference.  We will be putting our writing into a class book.

Thur Feb. 2  We began unit 3 in math by looking for number patterns as we found various numbers on the 1000 grid.  In reading we heard the story of Sam and The Lucky Money.  Ask me what Sam did with his money and why.  In writing we worked on publishing our bucket filler and bucket dipper writing ideas.

Fri. Feb. 3  We talked in our morning meeting about things that should be said or left unsaid.  If we  should put it in a speech bubble or a thought bubble.  Ask me the difference.  In math we looked at numbers and if they should round up or down.  In the afternoon we read a Weekly Reader about children who made a difference.  In science we looked at how air can be trapped under water.

Monday Feb. 6  We had a great Monday.  We practiced adding tens and ones to a number and also determining what number it was if we rounded to 850.   Then we tried 1000.  In reading we heard the story Somebody Loves You Mr. hatch.  In science we learned about compressed air and tested baloon rockets. 

Tues. Feb. 7  We had the honor of hearning a wonderful play or story about the life of Jackie Robinson.  In reading we practiced writing the elements from a story.  Characters, setting, and theme.  In writing we are working on small moments stories and adding details.

Wed. Feb. 8  In math we looked at rounding to the tens and also how and why we estimate.  In reading we heard a great friendship story called Boy + Bot.  Ask me.  In  science we practiced reading a chart to determine the wind chill with a given temperature.  We also worked on our Valentines Bags with animals made out of hearts.

Thur. Feb. 9  In math we learned and practiced estimating sums.  In science we wrote about our balloon rockets.  We learned that the compressed air made the balloons go.  The more air the faster and farther they went because it had more air pressure.  We continued to practice more writing stamina.

Fri. Feb. 10  We worked with estimating differences in math.  In reading we read a Weekly Reader about sugar in foods.  We practiced knowing and using different non fiction text features like bold words and sub headings.  At the end of the day we cleaned our desks and had a small amount of choice time.

Mon. Feb. 13  We had an amazing day.  In math we worked at rounding to the hearest 100 and also estimating the sum of 2 three digit numbers.  In reading we practiced predicting the story by visualizing what we think it will be about.  We also saw an amazing group of step dancers from Delasalle High School.

Tues. Feb. 14  We had a great day and worked with adding equations with an unknown change (216+ x = 401).  In reading we practiced summarizing the story Henry's Freedom Box.  In the afternoon we wrote friendly letters to Mr. Hatch.  At the end of the day we read our Valentines from our classmates.  We had a great day.

Wed. Feb. 15  We had a great 100th day of school.  In math we practiced estimating and adding equations.  In reading we began building a diorama of Henry's Freedom Box.  Ask me.  In the afternoon we began the story Poppy's Return.

Thur. Feb. 16  We had a great field trip and saw a wonderful play about a brave girl named Ruby.  We also worked with a graph and compared data.

Tue. Feb. 21  We had a great day back.  We worked with estimating differences.  We read a Weekly Reader about The Wild Lincoln Boys.  We also looked for evidence in the text that is not true.  We also read articles about President Lincoln and Washington.  We also practiced adding details to our writing by looking at small things to focus on.

Wed. Feb. 22  Today we worked with a story problem that is really subtracting but the best strategy is to add back the two numbers.  In reading we read articles about Lincoln and Washington.  In science we learned a bit about the three main types of clouds.  Ask me.

Thur. Feb. 23  We worked at estimating sums in a scoot around the room.  In reading we wrote facts about Lincoln and Washington with a partner.  In science we represented the three types of clouds with cotton balls on paper.

Fri. Feb. 24  We finished a great week.  In math we finished estimating sums in a scoot around the room.  In reading we read a Weekly Reader about a rare tooth found on the beach.  In science we made a water cycle wind sock.

Mon. Feb 27  Today we talked about an emotion that we all feel and how we can overcome it.  The emotion was being sad.  In math we worked at estimating and also adding 3digit plus 3digit numbers.  In reading we heard the story Hey, Little Ant and learned about a characters point of view.  In social studies we heard the story Make Way For Ducklings and practiced the setting of a story.  We will make a map with symbols that represent places in the story.  

Tues. Feb. 28  Today we took a field trip to the MIA and saw some amazing art.  Ask me about the Lakota Headress.  In the afternoon we had the honor of a special visit from the Mn Timberwolves.  We heard the story The Book With No Pictues.  Our reader was so funny.  We also got a free book to read to you at home.

Wed. March 1  Today we practiced adding 3digit plus 3digit numbers using a decomposing strategy.  In social studies we practiced using symbols on a map and the map legend.  In writing we are writitng persuasive essays as to why we should or should not squish an ant.  (From the story Hey, Little Ant!)  Ask me.

Th. March 2  Today we practiced using 6 digits to create the equation with the largest sum and the largest difference.  In social studies we drew a map with a legend or map key labeling different areas with the setting of the story.  In the afternoon we looked at a characters point of view and how it can change throughout the book.  Ask me.

Fri. March 3  Today we practiced distance riddles in math and computed the distance between two numbers.  In reading we read a Weekly Readrer about Dr. Seuss and how he persisted through the writing process.  In writing we wworked on editing and publishing our persuasive writing essays.  Ask me if I would squish the ant or not and my reasons.

Mon. March 6  Today we played a math game called how close to 100.  We also started a map with a legend of our very own Barefoot Island.  In the afternoon we looked at non fiction text features like caprions, bold text, glossaries, and an index.

Tue. Mar. 7  We practiced number riddles and story problems about distance.  In social studies we polished our map legends.  We are working on sybols to use on a map to show locations.  In the afternoon we did a non fiction text features treasure hunt to find different items in a mapping book.

Wed.  Mar. 8  We worked with a new story problem where we compared data and calculated how much more.  In reading we practiced a lot of different text features.  In social studies we took our legend and worked on our map.  We finished our persuasive writing paragraphs. 

Mon. Mar. 13  We had the best day.  We practiced skills from Unit 3 in math.   In science we discussed what an engineer does and what technology is.  Ask me.  We then examined a simple piece of technology with a partner and talked about how it helps us or solves a problem.  In the afternoon we heard a book about ways to trasp a Leprechaun and then we brainstormed some ideas that might work on a trap.  We will write an opinion paragraph about why our trap might work best of all.  We'll see???

Tues. March 14 We practiced working with different line segments and rays.  In science we heard a story about a boy from Denmark called Leif who like to solve problems.  In the afternoon we looked at the materials we brought for our traps and got together with our team and brainstormed ideas for the best trap.

Wed. Mar. 15  We had a great day.  We looked at groups of ten in 3digit numbers.  We also added an unknown to a number to equal 50.  We heard more about Leif and how he investigates a problem that he sees and seeks a solution.  Being a real engineer.  We worked on our Leprechaun traps and put our engineering skills(and teamwork skills) to work.

Thur. Mar. 16  Today we practiced flips, slides, and turns in geometry.  We also worked with a partner to solve a variety of story problems.  In the afternoon we finished  our traps and did a little writing about why they will work or are the best (opinion writing).

Mon. Mar. 20  We had a great day.  We practiced a new type of story problem and practiced making groups of tens from 3 digit numbers.  In science we looked at types of technology and where the energy goes into it and the resulting motion.  In reading we looked at elements of a fairy tale.  In writing we started an opinion paragraph about our favorite color.

Tues. March 21  We had a great day.  We practiced adding 2 digit plus 2 digit numbers using the traditional algorithm (the old fashioned way).  We worked with science vocabulary and sorted it into groups.  In the afternoon we heard another version of Cinderella.  Wednesday we will compare and contrast the two versions.  We also worked on opinion writing by drafting an opinion paragraph.

Wed. March 22 We practiced the traditional algorithm to subtract and borrow (regroup).  We heard a version of Cinderella called The Irish Cinderlad.  Ask me.  In science we looked at our examples of technology and shared our discoveries.  In writing we worked on our opinion writing and made our details stronger.

Thur Mar. 23  We practiced a story problem where it is really a subtraction problem but we need to add back to find the answer.  We heard the beginning of the Egyptian Cinderella.  in writing we are really adding vivid details to our opinion paragraphs.

Fri. Mar. 24  We had a tremendous Friday.  We make fraction kites where we designed a kite and identified the fraction for each color that we used.  We also read a Weekly Reader about a Lucky Duck that got a 3-d printed special foot to help it walk correctly.  Ask me.

Mon. April 10  We had a great first day back.  We worked with equivalent fractions and are really getting the idea.  In reading we heard a poem that uses alliteration to make the poem have rhythm and rhyme.  In writing we wrote about a book we would recommend and why.

Tues. Ap. 11  We had a chance to work with more equivalent fractions and a story problem with an unknown start.  We are getting better and better at strategies to show our work.  In science we spent time building blades for our windmills.  We will test and improve our designs on Wed.  In reading we heard another version of Cinderella and wrote a recommendation.  We had a great day.  

Wed.  In math today we practiced story problems with multiple groups.  An intro to multiplication.  We also looked at finding the area of a shape and how we would use this in real life.  In reading we heard a poem that uses aliteration and praticed our own aliteration poems.  In science we worked on windmill blades.  We tested them and improved our designs.  When they worked we added washers to the cup to see how much weight they could life.  Wind energy at work.

Thur. April 13  In math we practiced perimeter and how it is similar and different than area.  In reading we heard a poem that uses personification. Ask me about Edgar.  In science we continued to test and improve our windmill designs.  Some of our designs were able to lift 9 washers in a small cup!!!

Fri. Ap. 14  In math we made area and perimeter designs.  In reading we read a Weekly Reader about a lucky lizard.  Ask me why they were lucky.  We also heard the rest of the story of Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters an African fairy tale about truth and kindness.

Mon. Ap. 17  We had 2 birthdays today.  Happy birthday to Dominic and Willie.  We practiced story problems about equal groups.  We wrote about our windmill designs.  In reading we started our insect unit by making a small bug book and reading to a partner.

Tue. Ap. 18  We had a wonderful morning music practice.  In science we looked at certain incredible insects and answered questions about their characteristics.  In the afternoon we performed brilliantly in a rather warm Music room.

Wed. Ap. 19  In math we heard a story about sharing ( an intro to dividing).  In reading we read a short story about bugs and practiced words that have y at the end but say two different names ( i or e).  In math we also practiced story problems with multiple groups.

Thur. April 20  We had the best day.  In math we began to learn about story problems that involve equal shares (early division).  In science we read about unique insects and practiced asking questions that we still have.  In reading we worked on words that we can use other than said.  

Fri. Ap. 21  We had a great week.  We made a strategy poster that laid out 5 ways to solve an equation with multiple groups (multiplication).  Ask me.  We also read a Weekly Reader about what happens to our recycling when it leaves our bins at home and school.  We heard a lot about different types of butterflies.   We cleaned our desks and went to PE. 

Mon. Ap. 24  We had a marvelous Monday. We practiced dividing using a repeated subtracting strategy.  In reading we read an article about what is and isn't a spider. In science we labeled the parts of an insect and we also worked in quality sentences.

Tue. Ap. 25  Today we practiced a sharing problem with a fration as part of the answer.  (Each person gets 1 and 1/2 brownie etc.)  We also practiced coordinate graphs.  In science we read a diagram about insects and answered question from the diagram.  In reading we looked a words that sound the same but are spelled different and mean different things.  We also practiced more quality sentences.

Wed. Ap. 26  We learned about mean, median, mode, and range in math to stretch our math minds.  We honored three outstanding students in our Happy Camper awards for April.  In the afternoon we worked on reading stamina and sentences.

Thur. Ap 27  We worked on another sharing story problem with a mixed number.  In reading we practiced sequence of events and charting information on a chart.  We practiced where to go and how to sit in a tornado drill.  We did a great job today.

Fri. Ap. 28  We worked with sharing problems and practiced a repeated subtracting strategy.  We read a Weekly Reader about themighty earthworm and how valuable they are.  Ask me.  We continued writing quality sentences and illustrations.

Mon.   May 1  We looked at a repeating number pattern in math (another way to look at multiplication).  We read about Ladybugs and used evidence from the text to understand why they have two sets of wings.  Ask me.  In the afternoon we worked with a special craft project.

Tues. May 2  We worked on more repeating number patterns and looked for various strategies for solving.  We read about Ladybugs and took notes about what we read.  In the afternoon we also heard a story about a Pigeon who needed a bath and why.

Wed. May 3.  We worked with story problems and practiced various strategies.  We also looked at graphs to answer questions about the data.  In the afternoon we read about Honeybees and how they work together.  We also practiced writing a paragraph.

Thur.  We practiced looking at some more graphs in math and number patterns.  In reading we looked at Ladybugs and honeybees and compared how they are the same and different.  In looking at cultures around the world we learned about Cambodia and heard a story called The Silent Lotus about a girl who used dance to communicate.   Ask me.

Fri. May 5 In math we finished some work with symetry and also a last look at number patterns.  In reading we read a Weekly Reader about exploding melons.  We also made a flip book about the stages in the life of a butterfly.

Mon May 8  In math we practiced geometry concepts and whether a shape is congruent or not.  In the afternoon we took a reading test and did really well.

Tues. May 9 In math we took a given equation and wrote the story problem to go with it,  It was more difficult than it looks.  We also practiced equivalent fractions.  In reading we looked at certain root words and what they mean.  Like cent means 100.  Therm means heat.  We then learned new words to put into the right context.  At the end of the day we built reading stamina and also read to partners.

Wed. May 10  In math we practiced writing story problems and practiced some work with probability.  In reading we looked at prefixes and how they change a word.  In writing we worked in a opinion paragraph about whether the pigeon needs a bath. 

Thur. May 11  In math we worked with taking a fraction and changing it into a decimal and percent.  We did really well.  In reading we practiced prefixxes and how they change the meaning of a word.  At the end of the day we wrote a draft of a special paragraph.

Fri.  May 12  We took our math test and did an amazing job.  In the afternoon we heard the end of the book Poppy&Ereth and the end of the Dimwood series.  We finished a special project for our Mother's and took a well deserved break at Triangle Park. 

Mon. May 15  We practiced caacity measurement in math( cups, pint, quarts, gallons).   In reading we learned about idioms.  Aske me what an idiom is and see my work in my folder.  In science we discussed what all animals.... need, can, and have.  Like need food and a habitat.  Can defend selves or have senses.  

Tues.  May 16  In math we used shaoe shifters to learn, build, and identify attributes of various shapes.  We made triangles, quadrilaterals, pentagons, and more.  We identified the number of sides and vertices.  In reading we practiced suffixes and theor meanings.  In science we talked about vertebrates and invertebrates and sorted various examples.  

Wed. May 17  In math we compared objects in the room to five different lengths of paper strips.  My pencil was as long as strip A.  This eraser is as long as strip B etc.  In reading we read about camouflaged creatures and how they use camouflage in different ways. In writing we wrote about our favorite part of Poppy & Ereth.  At the end of the day we worked on a vertebrate mobile.

Thur. May 18  In math we practiced using 2strips of paper to measure various objects around the room and compared lengths.  In reading we read about land and water mammals and listed them in a Venn diagram.  In the afternoon we worked on our vertebrate mobiles.

Fri. May 19  We worked with a cordinate graph mystery picture in math.  In science we read a Weekly Reader about pros and cons of going to the moon or not.  Ask me about them.  In the afternoon we finished some work about insects and decorated our vertebrate mobiles.

Mon. May 22  Today we heard a story about a King who had a bed made for the Queen.  Ask me why it was not the right size.  We then measured partners using big feet cut-outs and small cut-outs in order to use non-standard units of measurement.  In reading we read an article about Orangutans.  Ask me how long their arms can be.  In science we finished vertebrate moblies and then at the end of the day released our painted lay butterflies.

Tue. May 23  In math we measured to the nearest inch and centimeter.  We also worked on story problems using just right numbers and strategies.  In science we journaled about our release of the butterflies Monday and also started a research project called the Vertebrate scrapbook and wrote about mammals.

Wed May 24  In math we practiced measuring to the nearest centimeter.  In reading we sorted the different sounds that ed makes like (d, ed, t)  In science we made a folding butterfly book.  

Thur. May 25  In math we compared the length of two objects.  One was longer by____ cm.  In reading we practiced synonyms and antonyms.  In our scrapbooks we wrote a glossary and listed various mammals.  

Tues.  May 30  We worked with a new story problem where we divided numbers.  We used different strategies to solve the problem.  In reading we wrote about amphibians for our scrapbook.  We also began a draft of a friendly letter to our third grade teacher.  Mr. R will deliver them at the beginning of the new year.

Thur. June 1  We had a tremendous field day.  Great sportsmanship and hard working athletes.  We all participated to our personal best and had fun at the same time.

Fri. June 2  We worked today with measuring to the centimeter and inch in a scoot around the room.  We finished our letters to our Third Grade teacher and they turned out very well.

Mon. June 5 We had a great beginning to our last full week together.  We looked at a comparing story problem.  We also compared inches to feet and how many inches add to a foot and two feet.  In the afternoom we wrote about reptiles.  Ask me about some of their characteristics.  At the end of the day we had a quick break outside before Media.  

Tue. June 6  Today we worked with using 11 numbers (0-10) to arrange then in a cross pattern to make 6 equations that all equal 18.  We had a visit from Leif's mom and meet some cecropia moths.  They were amazing and we learned that the only live 3-9 days.  Their cocoons stay frozen throughout the Minnesota winter.  In science we worked on our scrapbooks.  We are almost done writing and will decorate soon.

Wed. June 7  In math we looked at another new story problem.  We comapred numbers with an unknown start.  In reading we read around the room by reading information about mammals.  Then we wrote answers in complete sentences.  We also worked on our scrapbooks and wrote about fish.  

Thur June 8  this morning we had a special visit from the Field Band and Orchestra.  They gave us a wonderful concert.  In the afternoon we worked on our scrapbooks and did more of the fun decorating.  

Fri. June 9  In math we finished a variety of work and also worked on a mystery picture involving 3digit plus three digit numbers.  In the afternoon we honored 10 of our students who read in the 100 book club and finished 100 books during the school year.  We also saw a great video about reptiles.