Extended Learning

Hale provides after school learning in many ways. 

Our "Extended Learning" program offers two opportunities.

 Monday and Wednesday

2-4:00 pm

October through May

GISE/GEMS- This class is science focused in areas of electricity, rocketry, and robotics. GISE is a class offered to boys in grades 3 and 4. GEMS is a class offered to girls in grades 3 and 4.  Each class has 20 students and priority is given to students who attend the summer GISE/GEMS program at Pillsbury. This program is open to all Hale students, and a lottery system is used for selection.

This year we are offering a combined class of Lil'GEMS/GISE Jr. for grades 1/2.

20 students per class.

 Extended Learning- This  class is focused on improving skills in math and reading. Invites are sent home to specific students that teachers recommend. 20 students per class.

Snacks are provided in all classes.

Bus is available for students who receive busing during the day.

No fee for these classes, free to all students.