Welcome to Hale Physical Education!


My name is Larissa Parr; this is my eighth year at Hale (nine in the district) and I love it here! I play recreational volleyball, basketball and kickball and enjoy riding my road bike. Anything that keeps me active, really! I also love hanging out with my dog, Lola, and she loves hanging out with her best friend Addi (Ms. Bruun's dog). I can be reached by email at Larissa.Parr@mpls.k12.mn.us.


Hi, my name is Ashley Bruun. This is my sixth year teaching at Hale; before this I taught at Minnesota International Middle School. In my free time I enjoy playing golf, tennis, softball and kickball. Ms. Parr and I are actually on the same kickball team! You can reach me at Ashley.Bruun@mpls.k12.mn.us.


Throughout the year in physical education, the students will be actively learning different sports and games. Many of these activities will be incorporating appropriate math and literacy to help aid in your child's learning. We are also focusing on physical fitness and activities, and why they are important in each child's life. Through different teaching techniques, we will ensure a fun, safe and inclusive environment for every Hale student!


PE in Action!

Check out these Hale students being physically active!!