PTA Financials


Through your support the Hale PTA was able to bring in net proceeds of $47,000 throughout the 2011/12 school year!  The budget for 2012/2013 is $30,000.  A full Budget SY 12/13 narrative is available at the bottom of this page.

How did we raise our funds?
Majority of our funds are raised through the No Sale Fundraiser, Spring Fling, Carnival, Book Fairs, and Plant Sale.  Painless fundraisers include a significant contribution from Box Tops for Education, along with Kemps and other recycling efforts.  Net Proceeds from each are as follows:

SY 11/12:  No Sale Fundraiser = $22,000;  Spring Fling = $6,800; Carnival = $5,900; Scholastic Book Fair = $3,900; Plant Sale = $3,700; Box Tops = $2,600, Barnes & Noble Book Fair = $650

BUDGET SY 13/14:  No Sale Fundraiser = $16,500; Spring Fling = $0 (This is not added as a line item to the budget as the proceeds could vary significantly); Carnival = $3,200; Scholastic Book Fair = $2,800; Plant Sale = $3,700; Box Tops = $2,000, Barnes & Noble Book Fair = $600

How did we support our school?
We supported many Events including Art Adventure, Biography Brunches, Book Café, the Readathon, Passport Night and a special outing for the School Patrol.  Miscellaneous expenses include staff and volunteer appreciation events, scholarships and other activities to promote our school.  Classroom stipends include funds available to support each of our teachers and specialists to cover extra costs. 

No funds were requested from Hale School administration to cover supplies and expenses for the 12/13 School Year.  Past years ranged anywhere from $11,000 - $25,000. 

Classroom stipends are budgetted at $8,000 for SY 12/13. Each teacher and specialist receives $200 for reimbursement of expenses in their classroom.  $5,000 was earmarked for classroom programs to be funded as the needs arise.  These funds could also be used for Weekly Readers which were previously funded through the supplies expense.   First in Math funding was approved at $1,500.  Accelerated Reader subscription was also approved.