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Donate to Hale School

Thank you for donating to the PTA. There are three main ways to donate:

What is the Hale No-Sale Fundraiser?

Hale PTA’s largest fundraising event of the year is the No-Sale Fundraiser. We call it the No-Sale fundraiser because we’re not selling anything. It is the most efficient way to support every student and teacher at Hale school – and the best part is, 100% of the donations go straight to our PTA to fund important school programs.  

For 2022, our goal is to raise $15,000 for the PTA from November 1-18. Please consider a donation and share with family and friends. Donating is very easy, and all tax-deductible contributions help support our Hale Bears!  Donate at

Why not sell anything to raise money?  Large-scale fundraisers that involve selling items like wreaths, gift wrap, and food involve a lot of time and effort, and result in less money going to the PTA since a cut of the proceeds goes to the fundraising partner. They can also put a lot of pressure on students and families. We keep this fundraiser very simple and all money raised supports our Hale community! The PTA has smaller fundraisers throughout the year including the Plant Sale and Dine Out Nights, but we count on the Hale No-Sale as our primary fundraiser.

What does the PTA do? The PTA uses funds to provide crucial support for our students and educators. Gifts–big or small–support things like:

  • School supplies at no charge for all students
  • Educator and grade-level stipends to provide teacher-requested classroom needs such as alternate seating, student supplies, classroom rugs, and comfort corners
  • Teacher appreciation events
  • Landscaping materials for Hale School grounds
  • Multicultural and diverse books for the Media Center
  • Financial support for Hale & Field Welcoming Equity Committee
  • Subscription-based education programs for all students including Starfall, Brain Pop, and Scholastic Magazines
  • Annual PE programs like Scooter City and Field Day
  • Art Adventure collaboration with Minneapolis Institute of Art
  • Yearbooks for all students
  • All-school events like Family Snow Day and Hale & Field Spring Family Picnic

How can I donate? Donations are tax-deductible and you will receive a receipt.You can donate to the No-Sale Fundraiser a couple of different ways:

  1. Donate individually through one of the No-Sale Fundraising pages on GiveMN – don’t forget to share the link with your network!
  2. Send a check made payable to “Hale PTA” to Hale School, 5330 13th Avenue S, Minneapolis, MN 55417, or drop it off at the Hale or Field school offices.

Why donate now?  While donations any time are appreciated, donating during the No Sale Fundraiser (November 1-18) makes the Hale PTA eligible for additional donations through  Donating via the link above could result in the Hale PTA receiving a prize grant on top of your generous donation!

Where can I learn more? To learn more or to make a donation, click here: Questions? Contact Hale No-Sale Fundraiser chair and Hale parent, Lindsey Feiner:

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