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Medication(s) Taken in School – Orders & Administration

Per MPS policy, health office staff cannot administer any medications (including over-the-counter medications) without orders from a licensed health care provider.

For medication to be given during school hours:

  • The medication order must be signed by your child's health care provider
  • The order must also be signed by the parent/guardian
  • The medication must be in the original pharmacy labeled container

Medications include but are not limited to:

  • Inhalers – (we accept the Asthma Action Plan as an order)
  • EpiPen’s – (we accept the Anaphylaxis Action Plan as an order)
  • Medications that need to be taken daily at school        
  • Over the counter and as-needed medications 

Please never hesitate to give us a call if you have ANY questions about medications! 

Communicable Illness in Schools

Common illnesses we see: 

  • Strep throat
  • Influenza
  • Head Lice
  • Pink Eye

Is My Child Well Enough for School?

Please call the Health Office to let us know if your child is diagnosed with any communicable illness (or head lice) so that we can accurately keep track of all diagnosed cases of communicable illness. 

A child should not come to school (and will be sent home):

  • If your child has an oral temperature of 100 degrees or higher (to return to school the child should be fever-free without the use of fever-reducing medications) 
  • If your child has vomited 2 or more times in the past 24 hours.
  • If your child has diarrhea and/or they are not feeling well and need to use the bathroom frequently.
  • If your child has a rash for which the cause is unknown, see your health care provider before sending them to school.
  • If your child has an illness that prevents them from participating in routine activities.

If for any reason we have to contact you, our first step is a phone call. We will leave a general voicemail if you are not available. Communication via email is per your request.

Scenarios when we will call you, if your student:

  • Vomits
  • Temperature over 100 (they are required to go home)
  • Emergency
  • Head Injury (especially if we suspect concussion)
  • After gathering information about their visit (ex: sore throat & white spots/swelling/redness is noticed, constant stomach aches, extreme fatigue/tiredness)

Commonly Used Forms

Click on the above link to download the following commonly used forms:

  • Medication Consent Form
  • Annual Health Information Form
  • Immunization Documentation Form
  • Physical Exam Form


In order to attend school in Minneapolis, students must prove that they are up to date with their immunizations or that they are exempt from the requirements for medical reasons or the beliefs of the parent/guardian. Click on the link for more details on what immunizations are needed for school.

Contact Information

School Nurse:
Mandy (Amanda) Huber, APRN, PHN
Phone: 612-351-2456
Fax: 612-668-3770

Health Assistant:

Phone: 612-668-3765
Fax: 612-668-3770

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5330 13th Av S
Minneapolis 55417
Main Office
(612) 668-3760
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