Homework Expectations


  • Each month students are expected to read at least 400 minutes (20 minutes a night/ 5 days a week).  They need to record the minutes read on a calendar that is sent home at the start of the month.  At the end of the month, the minutes need to be totaled and a parent will need to sign the bottom.  All calendars are due on the 1st of the next month.  Students who make the goal will be invited to a special reading party.

Reading Comprehension-

  • Each week students will bring home a weekly passage.  There are asked to read the passage at least three times throughout the week.  One time needs to be outloud to practice fluency. These passages are challenging.  All the activities are expected to be done.  A paragraph number is expected to be stated for section B.


  • Each week students will bring home a story starter.  They will have the week to complete the story.  They will use a rubric to help guide them with ideas and conventions, and how it will be scored.  The story will be returned and shared in class on Fridays.   Parents are asked to score and discuss the paper with their student.  A signature is also expected.


  • Monday through Thursday word problems will come home in a blue notebook.  They are expected to underline the question(s) to be answered in the problem, solve it showing their work, and circle the answer(s).  Problems are always due the next day.
  • Daily class homework is also sent home Monday through Thursday.  This is due the next day.


I would encourage you to refer to the 4th Grade Handbook if you have any further questions about the homework.