4th Grade Homework Routine


Students are assigned to read and discuss reading for 30 minutes per day outside of school.  Discussion of reading can include summarizing, predicting, asking questions, making inference, visualizing, and determining key events and details.


Students are assigned to use the Drea Box online mathematics program for at least 10 minutes per day outside of school.  Students will often have teacher-assigned standards for Dream Box.  The assignments show up with a calendar icon when students log in.


Math students will have a daily math sheet with ten problems Monday-Thursday.  There will be a quiz on Fridays covering the homework concepts.  Students have daily opportunities to ask questions about the homework.


There are two reading passages with questions assigned every week.  They are sent home Friday, and due the following Friday.  


Feel free to help your child with any homework.  This is not consisered "cheating" because homework is practice.