Homework/communication folder

   Your  child will bring home their homework/communication folder each Wednesday. Please take time to go through it with your child.

 It will contain work  your child completed in class. Praise them for work that is done to the best of their ability and check for their understanding of the concept taught.

It will contain their weekly homework sheet. , have them complete it with guidance from you as needed and work with them to do their best quality work. This must  be returned in the folder by the following Tuesday!

It may contain  reading sheets or little books we have read in class,  have them read them to you!   I expect my students to be engaged in reading each day. ideally you will read to your child and they will read their book-in-bag books to you.

At the beginning of each month look for their daily reading recording sheet! Color in each picture for each day your child spends in reading 15 minutes or more. This sheet is due back at the end of the month for a small reward and recognition as on of Mrs. Olson's all star readers!

Book-in-bag-Your child will begin participating in this read to family program once they know most letter names and sounds, can blend those sounds to figure out unknown words and can read  a handful of sight words.

Your child should read each book to you a few times(we work for fluency), pointing to each word as they read. When your child has met this goal have them return them for 2 new books. A good goal would be to bring books home 2x a week.


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