Staff Directory

E-mail addresses are meant to be used as a tool of communication between parents and their classroom teacher regarding their child.  Please send a note via your child in the morning if there is a change of schedule for the end of the day since teachers may not have an opportunity to check e-mails until after the school day. 

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Abe, Lynn

Alman, Kristi

2nd Grade 
Attendance/Health Office  (612) 668-3765
Babcock, McKenzie

3rd Grade 
Bartz, Michelle

Autism Teacher 
Bliss, Josh

3rd Grade 
Bruun, Ashley

Phy Ed Specialist 
Cappuccio, Carey

AE and Community Education Coordinator - Youth Programming 
Collier, Mathew

3rd Grade 
Community Education 668-3767
Cooper-Evans, Sarah

Croonquist, Cara

4th Grade 
Dahlheimer, Damon

4th Grade 
Davidson, Tony

Head Engineer 668-3766
Davis, Venke

4th Grade 
Dingfelder, Kris

Mpls Kids Site Coordinator 668-3777
Dosse, Becky

2nd Grade 
Dusbabek, Angela

3rd Grade 
Elfering, Dana

Engineers   (612) 668-3766
Evans, Todd

Autism SEA 
Gauthier, Helene

Community Ed Coordinator - Adult Programming 668-3775
Green, Rachel

Special Education Teacher 
Habel, Alice

EL Teacher 
Hager, Amy

ASD Prep - Music Theory 
Hefferan, Kristina

Health Assistant 668-3765
Hinze, Susan

Occupational Therapist 
Holm, Laurie

4th Grade 
Immingan, Jennifer

Autism SEA 
Johnson, Kristie

Autism SEA 
Johnson, Sheilagh

Librarian 668-3768
Jones, Alex

Lo, Chasu

3rd Grade 
Manes, Kim

1st Grade 
Media Center  (612) 668-3768
Mehlhorn, Cindy

1st Grade 
Minneapolis Kids 668-3777
Nicholson, Becky

1st Grade 
Olson, Julie

O'Neill, Kathleen

Associate Educator 
Parr, Larissa

Phy Ed Specialist 
Peterson, Julie

School Social Worker 668-3769
Peterson, Megan

1st Grade 
Radecki, Catherine

1st Grade 
Roth, Elizabeth

Rybarczyk, Guy

2nd Grade 
Saul, Julie

Special Education Teacher/Differentiation Specialist 
Smith, Jennifer

Sokolski, Amy

Subialka, Bridget

2nd Grade 
Taylor, Pam

Special Ed Resource Teacher 
Tharaldson, Katy

Art Specialist 
Uhler, Steve

Principal 668-3771
Ujdur, Colby

Villalva, Denise

Lunchroom Manager 668-3774
Vitelli, Carol

Vladimirova, Sofia

Assistant Principal 668-3761
Voves, Peter

Wettstaedt, Megan

2nd Grade 
Wisniewski, Teresa