Wish List for Room 212
212 - Wish List

Electric Pencil Sharpeners ...2 (One for colored pencils and One for regular pencils) or 1 very Heavy Duty pencil sharpener that can handle both! :) 

Glue Sticks...We can never have enough glue sticks to keep us all together..

Cap Erasers...So that we can keep erasing. Everyone makes mistakes and  we wouldn't be learning  if we didn't erase mistakes. 

Julia Cook picture books... These teach the greatest lessons in life from ages 1 to 101. 

Rechargeable Batteries for our camp lanterns... because if we can recharge them it is much healthier for our World! (AA batteries)

Index paper...white. Any other colors would be great, too.  ( We use colors for our math games... but otherwise white is good!) 

Kleenex ...We tend to run out of this during the year. Starting around November. Colds are hard to prevent in little ones. 

Wobble Cushions for kids - Because who doesn't need a little more movement in their life? These help those students that need a little more movement while working at their desks and on the floor. 


Standing Desks for desk tops or floors - This allows children the opportunity to sit on the floor to work or stand at their desks. 


Kore Patented Wobble Chairs -  This is another way kids can move while sitting at their seat. The Kore seats seem to last a long time and have proven to be great for kids. 


RAZ Kids Classroom Subscription for the class - so that kids can practice reading on-line at their level.