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Here is a brief summary of what the Hale Specialists

are doing during distance learning. Please visit the

Specialist Website for more information, the specialist

schedule and for specific specialist links.



Art class is using SeeSaw this year.  Students can access a live meet once a week at their scheduled time. The link is posted in the "Inbox" of their SeeSaw Art class.  If students cannot attend the live class, they can go to the "Activities" tab each week and access the same activity   to complete via video lesson.  All work is submitted through SeeSaw by using the "+Add Response" button attached to each activity.  If you have multiple   students and want them to work together that is great too.  The focus of art via distance learning is for all students to engage their hearts, minds and hands in work that is fun and meaningful for them.



Music Class - Synchronous and asynchronous options are available, please choose whichever format works best for your family! I hope to see or hear from your child once a week and hope music is a part of your lives everyday!


Synchronous – Google Meets weekly on scheduled days and times (see Specialist schedule) provide the opportunity for community building by creating and working on music together and interacting through activities.  Aspects of SEL are an integral part of each meet.  Participants have the opportunity to move, sing, and review and learn new music concepts.  Also, there are opportunities to ask questions, view and hear explanations of the Seesaw activity and practice concepts with the group in real time.  Students will have time to complete Seesaw activities during the session.

Asynchronous - Using Seesaw, students have access to the concepts and material covered in Synchronous classes and these activities will also be assigned weekly.  Questions will be answered via email or the comment feature.

Seesaw Activities – Activities are opportunities to demonstrate mastery of concepts being studied.  Many are formative assessments to gauge the knowledge and understanding of the individual and the class and help guide my understanding of where and how fast the lessons need to move.  Some activities are summative assessments and are used to guide in the grading process.



The library's main mission in distance learning is to get books into the hands of Hale students. This is done via curbside pickup. Each week students will access the Library Distance Learning site during their specialist time. There they will find directions to the monthly checkout procedures, activities/lessons, and videos of me talking about the week's lesson. Once a month, students will meet LIVE in the Library via Google Meet. During our live time together, we will talk about books- What are we reading, book recommendations, highlights.

Books, stories, and literature can get into our head and

heart in many ways. I will show Hale students how they

can access books online, eBooks, audio books.

"Keep a book at your side and you'll always have a friend close by"



PE students are able to log into Google Meets twice a week to interact with their PE teachers and their peers for their PE Class. During a normal week, the first day of PE is live and students will stay on the entire 45 minutes, working on a certain skill or activity and end with a (hilarious) joke from the teachers. On their second day, students have the choice to log in to see some familiar faces, warmup their bodies and hear some student jokes. Once the jokes are shared, students will then be asked to log into the virtual classroom where they can choose two or more activities of their own from the many options. If none of these activities are appealing, we just ask that they find something active they enjoy! Kindergarten students are currently live both classes of the week, but will be transitioning to the same model as grades 1-4 in the coming weeks as we prepare them.

If the live Google Meets don’t work for your child(ren) or your schedule, no worries! We have an asynchronous option on our website for both days to keep them active. We hope to see or hear from your child at least once a week, so if he or she is missing the live meets, please fill out the survey at the bottom of our webpage. You can find this information plus the Google Meet link, weekly activity, equipment needs for the week, virtual classroom and survey for missed classes here.