PTA Financials

2019 PTA Purchases




childcare for February PTA meeting



science fair poster boards


sexuality speaker for March 14, 2019


copies for Science Fair


Coffee for African American Parent Involvement Day


donuts for Afrian American Parent Involvement Day


chaperone tickets for Stages, (PTA will be reimbursed when chaperones pay)



Hale Café Reimbursement


teacher stipend


teacher stipend


computer software 3rd grade


postage for boxtops for education


School patrol day at Nickelodeon


First Aid Kit for PTA events


deposit for Lynx game- choir to sing national anthem


art schow clips and glue


Mary Jackson Ellis Photo printing


snowshoes for Gym class


books White Fragility


laminating machine




coffee percolator


2 large thermos for book café


book café cookies


Book café snacks and snacks for social worker to hand out


Book café spoons


Book café marshmallows


book café cookies


Gopher hockey tickets for 4th grade choir singing

$525.00                             $40.00

book café cookies


Costco- pencils for 2019-20 school year


Costco- pencils for 2019-20 school year


clay purchased from art show donations


snacks to sell at talent show and snacks for social worker to hand out


2019 Summer soiree deposit


teacher stipend


teacher stipend


carnations for talent show


childcare for PTA meeting

$12.50                                           $12.50

Flowers for Mr. Fitgerald funeral



Imagination lab and 2 Ipad covers

$25..24                                                              $648.12                                                               $64.72                            $362.79

Woot Math - computer software 3rd grade


Carbones Pizza for scooter city volunteers


1st grade field trip bus- Science museum


document center printing costs


4th grade field trip- University of Minnesota Physics


legos for imagination lab


Art adventure field trip buses


childcare for PTA meeting


Carboness pizza during PTA closet cleaning and PTA meeting


2018 PTA Purchases


Items purchased in November                          Approved at PTA meeting 12/5/2018


teacher stipend


Mama Heart Loveless books for 4th grade


copies for WE newsletter and Funky Grits fundraise flyer


white board for cart- teacher stipend


teacher stupend


landscaping pots - 3 winter pots


postage for boxtops for education


printer cartridges


chromebook for Ms. Croonquist


barcode labels for media center books


snacks for literacy groups


clay and art supplies from art show donations

$536.99                                $2.96                        $23.02

GEMS/GISE robotics class


scooter city - mini golf


teacher stipend


teacher stipend


childcare for November PTA meeting


comfort corners/ alternate seating options for classrooms


WE committee "How to talk to kids about race" forum


Flocabulary- teacher stipend


Stages Theater Residency - 1st grade field trip



Items purchased in October                                 Approved at PTA meeing 11/8/2018



ordered new checks



teacher stipend



babysitting at State of the schools presentation



babysitting at State of the schools presentation



white boards for imagination lab



T-shirts for principal to hand out to students



babysitting for PTA meeting



coffee and donuts for landscaping day

$30.23                                              $6.36


landscaping  yard waste bags



recorder tassels and more - Ms. Abe(dice and alternate seating), tassels for recorder levels

$10.79                                 $10.78                                       $8.63              


postage for boxtops for education



legos for imagination lab

$1036.35                                      $56.17                                  $199.64


lawn bags for landscaping



gutters for lego wall imagination lab



postage for boxtops for education



microphone and auxilary cord

$94.59                                      $155.85


Native American Parent Involvement Day- coffee, gift card for beading instruction, storyteller

pending purchase


teacher stipend



3rd grade recorders



teacher stipend



teach town comic for multiple teachers to use


retracted by teacher prior to purchase

frames for photo session with cheddar mouse


not approved

beginning of the year grade level supply requests paid to school district



teacher stipend



bookfair - printed flyers and donuts for teacher presale



childcare for November PTA meeting



teacher shirts with Hale logo x 62 for all staff




imagination lab tables


cardstock for classroom


carnival food


nametags for kindergarten playground nights                 membership cards for open house night

$31.85                                            $19.29

teacher stipend plastic baskets


parent information night babysitters

$25.00                                        $25.00

teacher stipend plastic baskets


open house subs from Firehouse Subs


black long plastic baskets- Ms. Johnson


teacher stipend


Lollipop tree suckers for carnival


4th grade table and metal bookcase


cariature artist for carnival


imagination lab


Teacher stipend- Ms. Dusbabek


carnival pizza


pancake breaskfast reimbursement


pancake breaskfast reimbursement


envelopes to mail checks


teacher stipned


teacher stiepnd


art supplies for 2018-19 school year, used from donations from music/art show last spring


carnival prizes and food


carnival cotton candy


carnival food


carnival balloon artist


new keys made for PTA closet


teacher stipend


carnival prize bags from Dollar tree


Slime for carnival prank from raffle ticket sales - Walmart


logo paper wraps for water bottles


postage to mail checks


teacher stipend


shelves for PTA closet


coffee for Hispanic Day


Breew& Stew art projects


teacher stipend


teacher stipend


schoolwide school supply purchase order


Scholastic bookfair


school supply reimbursement from Large order


Men's basketball tickets for 4th grade choir


3 drawer sterilite cart for boxtops and other PTA collections


print costs from PTA flyers 9/5/2018-10/4/2018


babysitting at WE committee event


How did we raise our funds?

Majority of our funds are raised through:

  • No Sale Fundraiser
  • Summer Soiree
  • Carnival
  • Book Fairs
  • Plant Sale
  • Pancake breakfast
  • Family dine out nights
  • Amazon Smile
  • Box Tops for Education
  • Spiritwear sales
  • Yearbook sales
  • Marker recycling