School Supply Information

The PTA School Supply Program is back with some B I G changes for the 2019-2020 school year!             


Starting this fall, the PTA is providing all students at Hale with the school supplies requested by teachers.  There will no longer be school supply lists posted to the school website and we kindly ask that families refrain from making separate purchases.  After thorough research, we’ve identified a vendor that allows us to purchase supplies in bulk for the entire school at a reasonable cost, with other benefits to Hale as well.  Teachers have already tested some of the products and we are confident that the supplies will set our students up for success!

Families are asked to make a contribution of $45 per student. This contribution covers the cost of all supplies for your student’s classroom, specialists, and special education supplies. (Not covered: individual property such as backpack, gym shoes, clothing, etc.) If you are unable to donate the full requested amount of $45, please donate as much as you are able to. Every donation helps the PTA cover supply costs.

 Purchasing supplies in bulk for the school provides several benefits including: 

  • Provides teachers and specialists with full quantities of exact supplies needed. 
  • Equitable supplies for every Hale student! 
  • Save families money! Purchasing supplies in bulk for the school is more cost effective.
  • Save families time! No more wandering the aisles or shopping at multiple stores. 
  • Vendor guarantees easy cost-saving replacement on durable products.
  • Product delivery to classrooms guaranteed before first day of school; eliminating stress for teachers.

Any additional contribution to the school supply program you are able to make is appreciated and welcome! This helps fund supplies for students whose families are financially unable to purchase them, and restocking supplies for teachers/staff throughout the year.

Payments are accepted both online using the Hale PTA Paypal account or via paper with checks made payable to “Hale PTA” and delivered to the school office.  

Questions? Email Heather Ciardelli at:

Please complete registration & payment by the last day of school, Friday June 7. 

How to pay online via Hale PayPal 

PayPal will email confirmation of payment, which functions as your receipt. 

  1. Enter the total amount of payment ($45 per student plus any additional donation amount)
  2. Click “Next”
  3. Sign into your PayPal account
  4. In the “Add a Note” section, type: 

Supply Program

Your (parent or guardian) name

Include student(s) grade level starting in Fall 2019-2020 school year

      5.   Click “Send Payments Now”


How to pay via paper: 

  1. Print the form below and send to Hale along with a paper check made payable to “Hale PTA” and delivered the school office at 5330 13th Ave South Minneapolis, MN 55417. 
  2. Be sure to write clearly so we can record your information accurately. 



Parent/Guardian Name: ___________________________________________________

Student(s) Grade level in 2019-2020 school year: _______________________________

Total Donation Amount: $__________________________________________________