Transportation Change Form

The Transportation Change Form should be filled out if you require a change to your child's bus stop for the end of the day.  You may share any changes needed for morning pick up in the comments section below.  Address changes should be included in the Home Address Section.

***Do not use this form if your child is going on a play date, a note must be sent to school that morning and brought to the office right away.  A bus pass will be delivered to the classroom as soon as possible.***

Hale Office

PLEASE NOTE:  If your child will be attending Minneapolis Kids, please indicate if they will be at the Hale or Justice Page location.

Child's First and Last Name 
Parent Name 
Parent E-Mail Address 
Teacher Name and/or Room Number 
Monday Drop Off Address & Phone # 
Tuesday Drop Off Address & Phone # 
Wednesday Drop Off Address & Phone # 
Thursday Drop Off Address & Phone # 
Friday Drop Off Address & Phone # 
If needed: Home Address Change (please include zip code) 

* denotes a required field