Medtronic TC Kids Marathon

As you may be aware, heath experts are paying particular attention to opportunities that teach children to incorporate active lifestyles into their every day routine in an effort to help reduce the trend in increasing childhood obesity. We think it’s important to teach children that being active can be enjoyable as well as healthy.

Medtronic TC Kids Marathon was created by Twin Cities In Motion with significant support from Medtronic, to promote exercise, wellness and healthy lifestyles for kids and their families through a variety of unique training programs and events.

Our school will be participating in the Medtronic TC Family Events to be held at the State Capitol on Saturday, October 6th. The event incorporates the TC 5K and TC 10K, the Diana Pierce Family Mile and Half Mile runs giving children of all ages the chance to run to meet personal goals and physical fitness levels.

Registration for this event is done online by parents, for their children. You will need the name of our school to select in the wave selection (drop-down menu). Our school name for this event is HALE SCHOOL. You can access the registration here:

The cost for the event is $10 for the mile and half mile distances, $30 for the TC 5K and $35 for the TC 10K (kids prices). If you need help accessing the internet, please let me know. I will compile the registrations for our school once everyone has registered. On race day we encourage you to attend as a supportive spectator if you cannot run. If you need a scholarship for this event, please email me at

Twin Cities In Motion has established a scholarship program with funds available for families who wish to participate in the run but are unable to due to financial circumstances. The process is completely anonymous. Please email me at if you need a assistance.

All run participants will receive a T-shirt, medal and race number. The event takes place at the State Capitol in and around the Finish Line of the Twin Cities Marathon in St. Paul. After the event we encourage you to stay and visit the Family Activities Tent located on the grounds or stop by the Health and Fitness Expo held at the RiverCentre. These events are free and open to the public.

I hope that you and your child will consider participating in this exciting event. More details will follow as we get closer to the event. If you have questions, please feel free to email me or contact Sandy at the Twin Cities In Motion office at 651-289-7709.


Happy running,


Larissa Parr & Ashley Bruun