Volunteer Opportunities


Interested in connecting with the Hale PTA?

There are two great ways to get involved…


Option 1: Volunteer on any committee:


Are you interested in helping out at our plant sale, fall festival, teacher appreciation events? Does helping organize the talent show, or the science fair interest you? Are you willing to sort box tops or donate unclaimed lost and found items? The list goes on…

There are SO many ways to get involved at Hale! Check the weekly PTA communication (“This Week at Hale” or the Hale Newsletter) for upcoming opportunities or get in touch with Anne and Meghan, our PTA Co-Chairs, at haleptacochair@gmail.com


Option 2: Become a Hale PTA Member

PTA Members:

Attend monthly meetings on the second Thursday of each month from 7-9 PM.

Have an interest in tracking the spending of the PTA

Enjoy participating in multi-session conversations on large school matters (big events, technology integration, volunteer support, etc.)

Would consider chairing a committee and/or taking on a PTA board position (treasurer, secretary, membership, co-chair, communications)

Pay $10 annual dues- scholarships available!

Vote in PTA elections and on matters big and small at PTA meetings

Hale PTA meetings are fun and lively! We are always looking for new voices to join our conversations. If this sounds right for you, contact Dawn, the Hale PTA Membership Chair, at haleptainfo@gmail.com or simply start attending the PTA meetings- all are welcome!